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Let us put some wow into your event with some confetti.From George Strait,Twenty-One Pilots to Lil Jon we have worked with the best.Whether your looking for simple fanfare blasts to stadium shots.We can make it all happen.

Tissue Confetti & Metallic Confetti

Tissue confetti is the standard confetti in entertainment industry.Tissue confetti is very lightweight and has the ability to float high and fall slow giving it the awesome effect you desire.

Metallic confetti is great for under bright lights for that special reflective look.The shiny material looks elegant as it reflects light and glimmers as it floats through the air.Both tissue and metallic are available in many colors and is fire resistant.

Confetti blowers are mechanical devices designed to disperse colorful confetti into the air in a controlled and dramatic fashion. Unlike confetti cannons, which launch confetti using compressed air or gas, confetti blowers operate by blowing air through a tube or nozzle, propelling the confetti outward in a wide spray. These devices can be handheld or stationary and are often used in large-scale events such as concerts, festivals, and sports games, as well as in theatrical productions and nightclub settings. Confetti blowers offer versatility in terms of the type and size of confetti they can disperse, allowing for customizable visual effects to suit various themes and atmospheres.

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Confetti Blower Rental Ultimate Confetti Shot
Confetti Blower George Strait Cowboy Rides Away

CConfetti cannons are celebratory devices that launch colorful shreds of paper, plastic, or metallic material into the air, creating a festive atmosphere during events and parties. They typically consist of a pressurized canister filled with confetti, which is released when the cannon is triggered. Confetti cannons are commonly used at weddings, birthdays, parades, concerts, and other special occasions to add excitement and joy to the atmosphere. They come in various sizes and designs, ranging from handheld cannons to large, stationary launchers, and are often accompanied by loud popping sounds or bursts of air to enhance the spectacle.